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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-20 23:46:00 UTC
Subject: more vets

Hanan Caine is right now in NYC but used to be here before he wed.
Bar none, he is the single best ferret surgeon we have personally
encountered in 19 years. He even did a simultaneous partial liver
removal (cysts that posed an immediate danger of death), insulinoma
surgery, and a few other simultaneous surgeries on a 6 year old girl
we had who also had cardiomyopathy and a heart tumor at the time, as
well as multiple deformities and severe intellectual impairment. We
have not yet lost any to surgery or after surgery, and I think that a
lot of that is because most of the time we had him to operate. He
very soon will be leaving NYC for somewhere in the Berkshires, so
will let you know when he decides to not be modest and to let me know.

Right now we use Joe Martins and Abe van Beveren (sp?) of the Basking
Ridge Animal Hospital in Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, 1-908-766-4221.
We've had them perform several successful surgeries (I guess probably
5 so far.), and we find them very ferret-knowledgeable. Joe is
exceedingly gentle, Abe has worked with Black Footed Ferrets in the
past, and they work together to give optimal care. It is obvious
that they both truly enjoy ferrets.