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From: Debra Thomason
Date: 2001-05-20 23:39:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Help (nail trimming

>Just trimming nails and when clipping a nail my ferret pulled her paw
>away and it looks like she pulled her nail out at the same time. It
>is bleeding, besides pressure what can I do to stop the bleeding .....

Something else you can use in an emergency to stop bleeding (and it works
very well on nails) is corn starch or plain flour. I have used this
successfully on a ferret that badly splintered and nearly tore out one of
her nails. For future reference, if you can't find styptic powder locally,
The Ferret Store sells it too. You might have better luck looking in drug
stores (like Eckerds or Walgreens) than in department stores (like

Debra in Fort Worth