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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-05-20 23:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Gentamycin use

< This medicine is also used only in certain dosages, and administered
<in specific ways to other animals as last resorts for various
<There was even an episode on ER about how a main characters son became
<from usage of this antibiotic on his child (which should never be done).

Off topic, but don't want someone to read this and then refuse treatment
for their child
because the doc wants to use gentamyicn (garamycin). Being an
aminoglycoside It has known possible
side effects of being nephro and oto toxic ( toxic to kindeys, and
It can be life saving when it is one of the only antibiotics that will
work for a given infection. In the preterm ICU /NICU, it is
used in septic babies, those babies are scheduled for hearing tests
upon discharge.

Docs know these side effects, and weigh the risks vs, benefits, and it is
uncommon complication these days.

I do think vets have a much harder job, they have to know so many
different animals, and which meds are good for which ones, and which
meds aren't recommended or even dangerous in others.
If a vet is not very ferret savy, but sees a lot of cats, dogs, birds,
he may not know. In that case it is prudent to seek out the opinion of
ferret specialists or ferret aware vets. Unless the pediatrician is
seriously impaired, he will know how to prescribe/or not prescribe

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