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Date: 2001-05-21 00:09:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Suggestions on getting ferret to

I have purchased the Totally Ferrets for older ferrets on
the advice of a few people, to see if he'll eat that, but
until it arrives, can anyone suggest ways to get him weaned
back on kibble? He's getting way too much sugar and not
enough of the stuff he needs with duck soup, but I fear he
is SPOILED!! :)

Nah, a spoiled ferret? Never heard of such a thing...One
thing I have to say, is I have had some palatability issues
with my guys with TF for Older Ferrets (read: they put their
noses up at it, give me the paw, and huff away...) Now, I'm
a big TF fan, so don't yell at me- it's the main stay of my
mix- just not had much luck with the older variety.

I fear this is going to be an even harder transition from
Duck Soup. Sooo...I would consider starting with some junky
kibble like Pro Plan for Kittens, or ::gasp:: Friskies, just
to get him crunching again. And don't forget to soak the
kibble in the duck soup to begin with to get the flavor
soaked in. And the all important holding on lap and
praising....Anyway good luck, and congrats on the new