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From: Claire Curtis
Date: 2001-05-21 00:33:00 UTC
Subject: vetting vets

I'm looking for a vet in the Portsmouth NH area.

Are there any 'touchstone' questions I should ask that would really tell
me if a vet is ferret-savvy?

Does anyone has any personal experience with vets in this area? I have a
couple of names, but no real recommendations -- for instance, I found a
ferret website that said good things about Dr Mike Dutton in Weare.
Weare is not nearby, but it's close enouth that I though they might know
someone here, so I called his office to ask. At first they said they
didn't know anyone, but then remembered they had been asked to give a
second opinion on a ferret case being handled by a Dr Guerino in
Portsmouth. So they inferred that Dr Guerino treats ferrets. However,
they didn't know him, and I don't really think being asked for a second
opinion really constitues a recommendation. (I did ask if their second
opinion agreed with the first opinion, and they said the opinions were
consistent, which is a good sign.)

At the moment, I only want to have my guys checked over and vaccinated,
so I suppose any vet who has dealt at all with ferrets could do that,
but I want to find a doc that I'd feel confident with, and who I would
trust to do surgery if necessary. I don't want to wait for an emergency.

Thanks --

-Claire (on behalf of Sam and Frankie)
PS I live in South Berwick Maine, which is 12 miles from Portsmouth NH.
Weare is a couple of hours away.