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From: dori garro
Date: 2001-05-21 01:16:00 UTC
Subject: ferret with neuro problems and more

to any vets and owners who have seen similar problems:
i posted this to a vet list earlier; i tried to go
thru and put in definitions where i thought they were
needed. feel free to ask questions if you don't
understand what the heck i'm talking about.

if you could please send a copy to my e-mail address
so i don't have to wait for a digest to come thru;
will check e-mail at work tomorrow

saw a male castrated 4 year old ferret today. first
visit to our clinic. in january had a cystotomy and
perineal urethrostomy done; struvite stones; put on
a/d diet.
doing well until this morning; owner noted: no feces
and no urine since cleaning litter last night;
dragging self around, not able to use rear limbs.
caged on his own, multi levels; can't rule out a fall
(but aren't ferrets indestructible? joking).

physical exam/labs: bladder is full, easy to express
foul odor (horrendous is a better word) to the urine;
pyuria (white blood cells in the urine) with bilirubin
crystals present (0-2/hpf), rod
shaped bacteria. able to move rear limbs, but
basically keeps them behind him so laying on his
belly; has superficial pain; conscious proprioception
is questionable. no pain on palpation of spine. rest
of exam is okay. ferret did defecate after getting
rectal temp.
blood glucose = 101 (normal basically 90 to 150 in my

rads - no stones; enlarged prostate; checked with
ultrasound - looks cystic

i understand that the most common cause of
prostatomegaly (enlarged prostate) and urethral
obstruction in the ferret
is secondary to adrenocortical tumors; i understand
that a urinary tract infection would be common post
p.u.; the neuro part of all this is what is getting
to me (unable to urinate on own, unable to walk)

would you expect neuro signs with prostate disease
secondary to adrenal tumor? or would you have to
think prostatic neoplasia with mets to the spine?
would love to narrow down to one disease process, but
can't get spinal trauma/disc disease out of my head in
this case (on top of adrenal/prostate/bladder)???
bilirubin crystals in ferrets - definitely abnormal?

any thoughts?

rob garro d.v.m.

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