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From: Kimberly Cox
Date: 2001-05-21 12:51:00 UTC
Subject: Vomitting Ferret :(

My biggest boy, Squirt, threw up last night. He's so big and healthy
(almost 3 lbs), active and energetic. Plus, he eats non-stop! I
shampooed the carpets in the Ferret Bedroom last night and I wonder
if he licked the wet, sweet smelling carpet. He threw up three times
in a row, fairly large amounts then went and had some water and ate
like he was starving to death. The vomit was regular in color (no
blood or foreign matter) and looked to be pure brown ferret food. He
didn't seem to slow down after he got sick. Just got back up and
played like he normally does. Should I be concerned and take him to
my vet?