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From: - Z -
Date: 2001-05-21 11:52:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Post surgery Poop

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Michele Abel Focer"
<ferretlady@m...> wrote:
> Hi Everyone, My boy Snooper is doing well after his
adrenal/insulinoma surgery on Wednesday. He has been eating &
drinking fine, but I am a little concerned that he only pooped once
in the 24 hours that I've had him home. It was a pretty big one, but
should I give him a little more Laxatone? I gave him a little about 4
hours ago, but nothing yet. Thank you for your help.

Hi Michele,
Since Snooper just had insulinoma surgery, you might not want to use
Laxatone with him. Many hairball remedies contain a high sugar
content (I've often seen it in the form of malt syrup, which, as any
homebrewers know, is very sugary). If you feel he needs some help,
you could try straight Vasaline or petroleum jelly. Many ferrets
think that tastes pretty good too. This might not be relevant for
you any more, but thought I'd point it out just in case.