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From: StarAngels
Date: 2001-05-21 10:41:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Rabies? Can you tell?

Thank you for your reply.. we just wanted to be on the safe
side and get all info we could get these ferrets came to her
and had no information on them. and she's only had them a few
day's.. they are really people friendly and all just took them
by surprise and all they were doing was untiping the feed
dish.. thanks Again!

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> how can you tell if a Ferret has rabies? what are the
signs? or is
there a
> good site to read up on this..
> now if someone adopted ferrets with no history and then
they get
bit and
> draw blood
> are them human sign's to watch for?
> no this did not happen to me but to a friend
> THanks

The pathogenesis and symptomatology of rabies in ferrets is
variable,w ith both furious and dumb forms being documented.
neurologic sign may potentially be a presenting symptom of
The offsetting factor here is that rabies is extremely
uncommon in
ferrets that the chanceof your frind enountering a rabid
ferret is

In the case of a bite incident, the ferret should be closely
under a vet's supervision (but may be quarantined at home)
for any
signs of illness. A ten-day quarantine will sufice - if the
is healthy at the end of the period, then the likelihood of
rabies is
probably nil. The ferret should show signs long before the

A ferret bite does not require panic or rushing off to get
shots - I've been bitten many many times, and I rarely pay
to them anymore (at least after I get those chenched teeth
off my

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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