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From: Simkins, Erin K
Date: 2001-02-28 12:54:00 UTC
Subject: Ringworm & Ferrets

Hi everyone! Micaela, I'm very sorry to hear that you lost Bones... and
Rhea, I'm very sorry about Cocoa too. I just sat and cried when I read your
story. I had a very bad scare last night but luckily, after a head count,
all were present. I immediately thought of you and Cocoa and hugged my guys
and cried. Thank God they were deepest sympathy to you. Please
try not to beat yourself up... Warm hugs to all of you who have lost

Hi Pat! I saw your post about ringworm and Dr. Williams' response to it. I
also wanted to chip in my two cents... 2 of my 7 ferrets are currently
battling ringworm (microsporum canis, did I spell that correctly?). VERY
bad cases of it. Tigger, who also has cardiomyopathy and is on 3 meds, had
it over most of his body. Amira, my youngest and perfectly healthy girl,
had it all over her neck and cheeks. I started treating with conofite and
did Dermazole baths on everyone and it didn't help much. Tigger's
underneath of his chin was scabbed and VERY nasty looking... Amira's lesions
were gross too. It seemed to start spreading to the cheeks (just above the
lips) on 2 of my other ferrets but never progressed any further than that.

Then, study information was posted on our local shelter egroups about the
use of Program (Lufenuron) to treat ringworm on cats and dogs. (JAVMA 217
(10) (Nov 15) 2000) After speaking with Dr. Weiss, Dr. Riggs and Dr.
Heller (hi Ruth!) about it's possible side effects, etc, I decided to treat
with the lufenuron. On February 13th, I treated my entire group of ferrets
with one 90 mg tablet per ferret. (This is the kitten dosage.) Side
effects that I've noticed? My two smaller girls had diarrhea on and off for
a day or two afterwards. That's it! No other side effects!

I'm still bathing them once a week as additional firepower (and using a
leave-on conditioner with miconazole nitrate - "Resizole"). I'm not
treating with a topical like conofite. The ringworm on Tigger has almost
completely disappeared! (Remember, it covered his entire body except for
his tummy/penile area) Amira's ringworm is almost gone as well! It hasn't
spread to any of my other ferrets and I've been anal about washing bedding,
toys, etc... I'm very optimistic and I know of at *least* one other person
using the treatment on 9 of her 10 ferrets that are infected. I'm hoping
this is a success for her as well!

I just wanted to let everyone know of this option if you are currently
battling ringworm. Dr. Riggs said he's had to re-treat once while treating
a fox for ringworm with lufenuron. Other than that, he was very successful
but has never used it on ferrets. I will post the JAVMA summary article in
the files section as soon as my firewall comes back up. :)

If you want to ask questions or whatever, feel free! Either post them on
here or send them to my ferretkrazi@y... address. (That way I can
answer at night and on weekends!) I really hope that this helps some of

Erin Simkins