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Date: 2001-05-21 18:49:00 UTC
Subject: Need a vet in Yonkers, NY or Westchester County


Here I am again in need of a good ferret knowledgeable vet in Yonkers, NY or
Westchester County. I have tried the Animal Medical Hospital but it is a
little bit of a ride in the event of an emergency and routine visits in
addition they charge $90. just for walking in the door if it's an emergency
situation. Last time I was there with Bandit one vet in particular was
trying to persuade me not to have the adrenal surgery but to go with Lupron
treatments. I later learned from a good source that was the drug of study at
the time. Anyway, I have also tried Dr. Aspros who is located in White
Plains and I was not happy with his ferret knowledge or treatment
suggestions. I think someone once mentioned a vet located in Riverdale??

Please help.