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From: Susan Prock
Date: 2001-05-22 09:00:00 UTC
Subject: Disseminated systemic plasmocytosis

Dear Ferret Health List,

My not-quite-two-year old fixed male, Jack, has been diagnosed with
disseminated systemic plasmocytosis. Jack's small intestine, spleen,
mesenteric lymph node, stomach, pancreas and liver were biopsied. The first

three showed DSM. There was no evidence of adrenal or pancreatic tumors.

He has had terrible diarrhea for several months, unresponsive to amoxy,
metronidozal or chloramphenical (apologies for spelling errors), and
gradual, consistent weight loss, from 2 lbs 12 oz to 2 lbs 5 oz. He is
active, has a good appetite, and wrestles with his brother, but looks frail.

My vet thinks he has either Aleutian virus (none of the other three ferrets
are sick) or multiple myeloma. When he goes to get his sutures out the end
of this week, they will draw blood and try to make a determination.

Alicia suggested the swab test for Aleutian Disease. Another vet at the
clinic suggested electrophoresis to determine protein levels - this would
help determine if it is multiple myeloma.

Troy Lynn suggested Albon, as coccidia can cause the same symptoms.

I am deeply concerned about the risk to my other three ferrets if Jack has
Aleutian disease.

If it is multiple myeloma, what sort of success rate can be expected
(obviously everything is a guess, due to multiple variables) from prednisone

or chemotherapy? I will pursue a solution as long as Jack's quality of life

is acceptable. Then he goes to the Rainbow Bridge with Jerrie and Tom and
everyone else's beloved, departed furballs.

Any advice, opinions or thoughts are welcome.

Thank you,

Susan Prock, Jerill, Gabriella, Obiwan and Jack ferret

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