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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-05-22 15:10:00 UTC
Subject: Zeus update

Thank you Dr. Ruth and Dr. Karen for responding! When I got home from work
yesterday, Zeus was worse. So-weak-couldn't-move kind of worse. When I
first picked him up, he was kind of swinging his head around like he had no
control. Not a seizure, but kind of dizzy, which was probably from not
eating. I fed him; he ate a lot of baby food, then I took him straight to
the vet. Dr. XXX kept him last night. So far she's done a CBC; she left me
a message this mng that it looks like something renal with the kidney. She
said he is doing much better (when I first got there they IV'd him). So I'm
researching on-line for anything I can find about renal.

I'll keep you posted.

Susan D. in KY
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