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From: Amy and Jim Robbin
Date: 2001-05-22 19:16:00 UTC
Subject: Really, really bad diarrea---HELP!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks, I'm beside myself. My older guy Moosie who I
posted about the prolapsed rectum, Coccidia and the Gentamicin
has really bad diarrhea.

He's on Albon for the Coccidia and Chloraphenicol (for I don't
know what). And yes I threw away the Gentamicin (thank you
all for the info). His bum cleared up over the weekend, but
this am it was as bad as ever, red sore and bleeding. I
went back to the vet and she gave me VetDerm or something like
that to put on his bum and told me to stop using the

Now I caught in this chicken vs the egg position. I think the
Albon is causing the diarrhea, which is causing the prolapse
but he needs the Albon to kick the Coccidia. He's eating and
drinking but his bum is a mess and it hurts him so to go to
the bathroom...I'm beside myself, I want to vomit I feel so
bad for him. Per this list I've seen that Pepto and
Kaopectate don't help diarrhea, but my god I have to do
something for him...Suggestions please (before I fall apart!)