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Date: 2001-05-22 18:08:00 UTC
Subject: good liquid diet?

Tish has lymphosarcoma and her submandibular nodes are quite
swollen. For the past week we were supplementing her hard kibble
diet with gruel (ground kibble, water, ensure) mixed to a thick
milkshake consistency, she had that twice a day. We noticed she had
stopped eating dry kibble a couple days ago and started her on gruel
every 8 hours. She had slowly started eating less and less of the
gruel and now she is refusing it. I think it is hurting her throat
too much to eat it. I mixed extra water in and she drank a bit but
that way she isn't getting much of the kibble, just the water and
ensure. Is there any completely liquid diet that is nutritional
enough to support a ferret? And tasty too? She's quite picky and
refuses A/D and chicken baby food.

She is on .3 ml of .5 mg prednisolone every 12 hours. Should I ask
the vet to up her dose, or is there anything else I could do to help
with her discomfort eating?