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From: MC
Date: 2001-02-28 13:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Ferri-lu"s autopsy

Sorry to hear about the loss. Tough enough when you expect it, but not for something like that.

Very well could have been caused by an improperly inserted intubation tube? Don't know if your vet uses a tube but mine does. Ferret throats are so tiny.... sorry to hear about your loss....


fuzzyslave@y... wrote:

> My ferrei-lu had a bi-op of a growth on the ear done on the 21rst of
> Feb.She came thru ok.I fed her some chicken gravy at 1 pm.went to the
> DR's myself.Rushed to pick uo both girls,Nutmeg had Adernal,also has
> Insulinoma.Ferri-lu had died just minutes before I got there.Vet was
> upset as this was a simple surgery.Did an autopsy to find out why she
> died.Those results are back.She died from blood in the lungs.How/why
> would she hemmorege like this?