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From: Kimberly Cox
Date: 2001-05-23 00:32:00 UTC
Subject: MEAN biting ferret!

First of all, thank you so much for the advice about my vomitting
ferret, Squirty. I suspected it was not serious due to the lack of
blood or foreign matter in the vomit. Your response helped. Also, I'm
sure my Vet is thankful that I didn't phone her in the dead of night
and drag her over to our home (again)! Ok, next issue. One of my
Albino ferrets,Luna, savagely bites! She seeks to bite, even us,her
parents of over two years. We have avoided bites from her because she
gives us a two lick warning....LICK, LICK then BITE. She had a home
before us and in that home she was stuck in her cage 24 hours a day
but as far as I can tell she was not abused. She is very loving once
I get her in my arms and kiss and hug her. She sits calmy for loving
strokes and chit chats, BUT she will bite if I give her the chance.
We suspect that she is blind because she cannot follow the other
ferrets in the "chase" game. She gets confused and seems to rely
totally on scent to find the playmate she is chasing. She may also be
deaf. How can we tell if she is blind and/or deaf and how can we help
her adjust to this condition?
P.S. I am new to this Ferret Community and I am so thankful to have
found it. So much information, even for veteran ferret owners. You're
much appreciated!

Kimberly Cox