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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-05-23 06:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re:good liquid diet?

You wrote:
> Tish has lymphosarcoma and her submandibular nodes are quite
> swollen. For the past week we were supplementing her hard kibble
> diet with gruel (ground kibble, water, ensure) mixed to a thick
> milkshake consistency, she had that twice a day. We noticed she had
> stopped eating dry kibble a couple days ago and started her on gruel
> every 8 hours. She had slowly started eating less and less of the
> gruel and now she is refusing it. I think it is hurting her throat
> too much to eat it. I mixed extra water in and she drank a bit but
> that way she isn't getting much of the kibble, just the water and
> ensure. Is there any completely liquid diet that is nutritional
> enough to support a ferret? And tasty too? She's quite picky and
> refuses A/D and chicken baby food.
Deliver 2.0 is a prescription liquid protein diet that I've had
very good luck with. I usually mix in chicken baby food, but many
ferrets prefer it straight. Your vet can order it for you.

> She is on .3 ml of .5 mg prednisolone every 12 hours. Should I ask
> the vet to up her dose, or is there anything else I could do to help
> with her discomfort eating?
I'd talk to your vet about increasing the dose and possibly adding
other treatment.
Best of luck,
-Dr. Karen

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