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From: Melissa
Date: 2001-05-23 11:21:00 UTC
Subject: Biopsy Results for oral cyst/tumor

You might remember that I posted last week about
Buttons, who had a 1 - 2mm bump on her lower jaw,
gum-colored, sort of round, and on the LHS facing the
cheek. We had the bump removed on Tuesday and

Everything's ok -- the bump on the gums was just
"reactive gum tissue" which my vet says is common in
dogs when they get tartar buildup under the gum line.
This bump probably resulted from my administering her
oral arimidex on the same side of her mouth every day,
and knocking the syringe against her gums.
(unavoidable when the little beastie clenches its jaws
shut!) The bump was quite painful to her, and she
seems to be glad that it's gone.

I am so relieved! Since then, I have also been
alternating sides, and trying to give it from the
"front," but she is very, very difficult to
medicate despite liberal employment of treats and
much pleading. We'll just muddle along...and I will
apparently continue to be regularly coated with pink

Thanks so much to all who replied and offered support!
Thanks to God that we dodged the bullet on this

Best Wishes

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