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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-23 13:57:00 UTC
Subject: explanations: "looks like stroke", numerics, teeth

I have been so temporally cramped and didn't explain myself well --
several times.

In relation to the past thromboses (those things that look like
strokes): Spot had one truly awful one (required 48 hours of special
medical care round the clock with us transporting him each night to
the Medemerge then back to his hospital in the morning then PT
afterward) but survived with minimal damage and never had another.
He had it due to kidney disease. Meltdown had her's due to
ventricular bigemini with dilative cardiomyopathy and had a series of
them when her disease became advanced with fine recovery from all
till the last two happened within about 12 hours of each other.

Yes, I do know how many nostrils a ferret has... (Sigh... counting:
one... two...)

Also, when there is a trapped baby tooth we get it fixed right. The
Cheweasels and Foamy Fries are for the ones not with such serious
teething difficulties.

I liked Troy Lynn's oil on muzzle distraction trick!