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From: Vicky
Date: 2001-05-23 16:21:00 UTC
Subject: another question on mating behavior

hi. i have a male ferret that is almost 2 years old
that has recently began to try to mount and mate with
his female cagemate. he is from marshall farms. the
female is one of the new jersey christmas rescue
ferrets and was altered on 1/2/01 at about 8 months
old (she's about 1 year old now).

the male is not aggressive, he just seems to want to
mate with the female. i don't understand this
behavior since he's an early alter.

someone else posted about their male mounting his male
cagemate and dr. karen replied that she's seen this
before in a ferret that was adrenal. would you
suggest that i have the tennessee panel done on him?
is this the test for adrenal? do other illnesses show
up on this test? or is this not a concern because
he's not aggressive?

thanks for your help, vicky

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