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Date: 2001-05-23 18:46:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list]RE: 2nd request; repeated passing of

Hi Carla,
The high globulin and the GI signs made me
think about AD also. Since you do have some
AD positive ferrets in the house and 1 in the same cage,
I would recommend doing a CEP test thru United Vaccines.
A second option is to do an electrophoresis to see what %
gammaglobulins this one has.
As for having the "non-active variety" of AD, I do not think
that can be said. So far only 1 strain of ferret AD has been
found! I do not know why some appear to have the virus
with no clinical signs and others have mild to fatal signs.
At this time we do not even know the exact modes of
transmission of AD in ferrets. You have been lucky that
the positive one has not shed the virus and exposed your
other ferrets.
If the CEP comes back positive, then I would use pediapred
to help control the immune complexes and GI signs.
Hope that helps,
Jerry Murray, DVM