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From: Donna Lee
Date: 2001-05-23 22:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Crying while urinating

I will make this fast and short. I would give him the
tender loving care that he needs and keep him really
clean so that he doesn't get a bladder infection or
anything any worse. I don't think that Friday will be
too late. Just calm down and I know how you feel
because I lost my fuzzy on May 12th of this year. She
had either bone cancer or insulinoma. We couldn't pay
for another vet bill so she just got worse and worse
and passed on to Rainbow's Bridge. Sorry to tell you
that. Thanks and I hope thatI have been of some help
to you and maybe even gave you some reassuring
thoughts. Take care and Best Wishes to you and your
fuzzy. Lots of love and prayers, Chance
--- steph@t... wrote:
> Ok, all, I need some help. I'm a terrible worrywart.
> My ferret,
> Icabod, is scheduled to have surgery for Insulinoma
> on Friday. He was
> diagnosed with possible Insulinoma last week with a
> glucose reading
> of 70. He also displays all the classic signs.
> He seemed fine, other than the Insulinoma symptoms,
> until Sunday when
> I found him making noises when he urinated. I picked
> him up and saw
> that his anus and penis were both swollen and red.
> Since he is weak
> in his hind legs he just totally lays down to pee
> and get's it all
> over himself. I gave him a bath and took him to the
> emergency vet,
> where they said that it looked like it was from
> agitation from the
> urine. They gave him another glucose which was 65.
> Since that time I have made sure to keep him dry and
> the redness and
> swelling have subsided but not totally gone away and
> he is still
> crying when he urinates. I called the vet again
> today and she said
> that it sounds like possible adrenal disease and
> that they will look
> for it during his surgery Friday. I'm just afraid it
> could be
> something else and that Friday will be too late. He
> is still
> urinating a large amount and he is eating his
> frequent meals of baby
> chicken food, but he is not that interested in
> drinking water so I
> have been watering his food down.
> Am I being paranoid? What else can I do to make him
> feel better?
> Thanks,
> Stephanie

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