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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-05-23 22:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Really, really bad

Now I caught in this chicken vs the egg position. I think the
Albon is causing the diarrhea, which is causing the prolapse
but he needs the Albon to kick the Coccidia. He's eating and
drinking but his bum is a mess and it hurts him so to go to
the bathroom...I'm beside myself, I want to vomit I feel so
bad for him. Per this list I've seen that Pepto and
Kaopectate don't help diarrhea, but my god I have to do
something for him...Suggestions please (before I fall apart!)


Didn't your ferret have diarrhea when the Coccidia was
diagnosed? Anyway, I know antibiotics can also cause diarrhea
in humans, but not sure about ferrets since they have a
different digestive system, and not sure about the bacteria
they have. However, maybe the dose can be cut down ( usually
there is a range for the dosage), so maybe can be put on the
lower end of the range? Call your vet so he/she knows and can
advise you, I am not sure how many doses of the Albon is
needed to see an improvement if the diarrhea is from the
If you haven't done so already, put your ferret on a bland,
easily digestable diet- for example, Gerber's chicken baby
Make sure you watch him for signs of dehydration from the
extra fluid loss in the diarrhea..

Is anything else new? Make sure he is not getting any sugary
treats for now (include fruit), can increase the diarrhea.

The prolapsed rectum will improve when the diarrhea resolves,
so I hope that is soon-- for both Moosie and you.