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Date: 2001-05-24 00:31:00 UTC
Subject: Bruiser/Cyro surgery today/Thursday

Please just take a couple of seconds to think a nice thought or Pray if
you will,for my baby.Dr Williams thinks it's a rare type of cheek
cancer,that we are hoping to de-bulk tomorrow.(Thursday) It may be
inoperatable but till we drive 2 hrs tomorrow,we will not know.We have
had it de-bulked twice before, the regular way<knife> but this time it
grew with a vengence.It may be a form of scar tissue (it's a gell type
substance) but it's invading his forehead,now as well.It's like he has
1/3 more face, So off to Dr Kraft again (He did Soitas double cyro
adrenal,2 months ago)...He's in Woodinville,Washington.....I added him
to your Vet list.If anyone can help us,it's him.
So,Bruiser needs your positive thoughts today and we all will be so very
Thank You....
My Prayers for ALL the sick fuzzies...
Tara & Bruiser (Her baby)