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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-24 06:01:00 UTC
Subject: Emma & Champ

Just thought I'd mention that Emma, my most recent
little rescue, will be spayed tomorrow. Mommy
will be in attendance. She is still very much in
heat, so Doc's attempt to bring her out didn't
work. Please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow
(Friday) a.m. She is delightful; the most
affectionate ferret I've ever had. She even will
sleep in my arms for a short time. She bounces
around like a bunny on her short little legs...too
cute. She gives kisses too, occasionally letting
her emotions run too high and giving mom a little
love nip. No skin much for this
vicious, abused biter.

Champ (renal failure) continues to do well but I
think he's about to go on another hunger strike.
I will ask Doc to fix him up a B-12 injection to
have here in case he totally quits eating over the
long holiday weekend (as you know they always do).

Got in four more opossum babies last night, I'm up
to 18 now. I think I'm about to be taken over.