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From: Diana Ashton
Date: 2001-05-24 16:50:00 UTC
Subject: donated food

I recieved a call from the only pet store that I do business
with here in Fairbanks Alaska. Pet stuff does not sell live
animals. Any way, they called to ask if I wanted 3 25 lb bags
of ferret food that they have not sold. I do not particularily
care for the brand. I use Mazuri and every time that I have
tried to mix something with it, I end up with a few that get
upset tummies. I would love to save a bit of money but mixing
other food into it usually ends up costing me vet money. I
asked them if I could post on the mailing list to see if any
other shelters might have a use for it.

Considering shelter bills can be very high, I would like it to
go to a shelter. That is my first choice. It is the KayTee
brand of food and they ordered it by mistake. Whoever wants it
would have to have it shipped to them, so take that into
consideration. Depending on how it is shipped, mailing things
from Alaska, can be expensive.

Diana and The Ferret Farm