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From: Ellen Van Landingham
Date: 2001-02-28 14:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Winter weight

dhaner@t... writes:

>Kiwi is a MF female who just turned 2 this month. She has always been
>slender and muscular until last month. She has gotten downright plump. She
>went from 1.6lbs to 2.0 lbs. I know that winter weight is common, but my
>other three ferrets haven't gained at all.

I've had several ferrets over the years whose weight varied by
more than 25% from winter to summer. Rocky the Flying Weasel
has gained almost a whole pound this winter, while his roommate
has remained her usual petite self. If Kiwi is acting normal,
I wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain -- although if
she doesn't start to slim down when the weather gets warm, it
might be worth consulting your vet.

ellen van landingham