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Date: 2001-05-25 00:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal aggression/sexual behavior question

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Melissa <ferretgm@y...> wrote:
> Hello --
> I have been reading the posts on aggressive behavior
> in males being linked to a higher incidence of adrenal
> carcinoma. I must say that I am confused a little by
> what you all mean by agression and I hope you can
> clarify.
> Do you guys mean incidents of sexual behavior such as
> the "thrusting" part of mating are indicative of
> carcinomas or do you mean a return to the agressive
> neck-biting? I don't mean to be indelicate, but I
> have a boy who has always indulged in the
> biting-and-dragging with girls, at least for a while,
> and despises boys (not altered until 18 months - he
> thinks he has something to protect, I think). Anyway,
> he doesn't do the whole thrusting bit, but frequently
> attempts the neck biting with the girls, even though
> he's on meds...and it causes me worry.
> I think we'll do surgery pretty soon anyway, but I was
> just interested in the much naughty
> behavior do you think is the indicator?
> Thanks much
> Melissa

ok, get ready for some serious smut here...heh heh...just kidding.
yep, it's the "thrusting" that clues me in. lots of critters drag
others around for dominance. my definition of the "mad rapist" is:
critter biting neck and HOLDING...arms wrapped around the torso of
the victim, pulling tighter and tighter...then - in these critters
neutered as infants - a pitiful attempt to finish the deed. add a
glazed look in the eyes and some panting and there you go! hahaha!
actually the aforementioned festus from my previous post did in fact
almost pant. his chuckling went up to a fever pitch and then he
started to kind of power sniff in the middle of it...he just sounded
sex crazed, really! hahaha!

i've seen countless critters drag others to assert themselves, but
i've only seen the specific arms wrapped around, pinned down and
then "hey mom - what now?" in adrenal critters. but you mentioned a
critter who was neutered late. i've seen some recently former
hobbies get all riled up in the presence of others, say when another
whole male comes in. recently my partner shelter took in a whole
male. they already had max, a critter who i neutered at 4-5 years
old (he lived here for 6 months). max was so excited/upset/beside
himself with emotion over the presence of the whole male he would get
out of his cage and just be stuck to the floor rolling around!
hahaha! he went on a mad spree of dragging, but no actual raping.
when the whole male left, max got back to his old self. some of the
sexual agression display is learned; therefore, late neuters can
get "riled up" from time to time...but max was never doing my rule of
thumb definition of the "mad raping."