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Date: 2001-05-25 09:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 193/Oxalate crystals

To Tracy and Mitzi on the oxalate crystals. Ferret urine pH is
normally 6.5
to 7.5 but may be as low as 4.0 fasting to 8.5 after eating.
Usually oxalate
crystals are a result of prolonged pH of less than 5 and/or a very
calcium content in the diet. It is probably coming from your
mixture. I
have heard of the Path Valley and Ferret Store ferret food but I
recommend you have them tested for the calcium and phosphorous
levels. I
still cannot understand why you would be feeding two cat foods which
you know
is not made or tested for ferrets. I would also recommend you call
the Ferret
Store owners who has their food made by an affiliate of 8 in 1 as
well as
Path Valley and ask them what type of feeding and quality test they
have run
on their food to assure you that it is a quality, proven food for
Of course the two cat foods were never developed nor tested on
ferrets so you
cannot learn anything from Nutro or Science Diet on ferret pertinent
We sent a sample of one of the ferret foods you are feeding and it
a 38% protein but only had 35.13% and the starch cook was 75.1%. I
have not
tested the other one. If you want to send a sample for calcium and
phosphorous and possibly protein and fat send it to Woodon-Tenent
Laboratories, Inc., 313 Helena St., Dayton, OH. This is a
commercial feed
analysis laboratory and they can run the test for you.
DR Tom Willard