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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-25 13:34:00 UTC
Subject: Have you seen these adrenal behaviors, or friable small

Well, Seven of Six (who is probably about 4 to 4 and half but came
here as a lost adult about to be put down by a general shelter so
could be older or younger though vets don't think it's likely she's
younger and we don't either) appears to have gotten well through her
R adrenal surgery. It was partly in the Vena Cava and behind it, and
in her case a partial of 70% seemed the safest bet so hopefully
what's left will behave itself well enough for long enough after
this. She's in that low percentile that wind up with both adrenals
kicking up.

She's got some behaviors that are a bit weird that she engages in
ONLY when an adrenal kicks up. For some reason then she thinks that
I am her baby and grooms to such an awful degree that she draws
blood. Without an adrenal kicking up she does not do this. Another
thing she only does then is she pins down Sherman (the baby of the
family who turns one about now) and pees on him : preferably on his
head, shoulders, or neck. ***Anyone else run into those behavioral

Seven is a rescue who was unsocialized with ferrets and had to learn
as an adult, so the socialization problems an adrenal growth can
cause are particularly hard on her psychologically.

Warp may have an adrenal; still losing fur. She's so malnourished
due to her small intestinal defect, though, that we all think it may
be from that. After each bad bout when that spontaneously tears she
gains back a little but never to the last high point, despite having
many small meals and daily calories beyond what the normal active
ferret eats. She's at her best at 1 pound 11 ounces, but we're lucky
to have her at 1 pound 4 ounces. ***I have not heard from anyone who
has encountered a friable small intestine, yet, so am asking again to
hear from any who also deal or have dealt with this rare disorder to
share information.*** Her blood work continues to be normal but
haven't tested in a few months. Can't believe that she is about to
turn 7 years old; she's survived this for years now, and between
tearing bouts (i.e. most of the time when she is normal but skinny)
dashes around having a marvelous time with life. (She was an abuse
victim before coming here.)