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From: Teena Austin
Date: 2001-05-25 11:26:00 UTC
Subject: High Calcium Level and Lymphosarcoma

My 3 year old, Liz, showed weakness in her hind legs two days ago and
wasn't eating. She had shown no other symptoms of illness prior to
this other than vomiting once about a week ago. Vet saw her
yesterday; blood work was normal except for calcium level of 16 and
found a very large mass in her abdomen. Ultrasound could not
determine what organs may be involved.

The vet thinks it's lymphosarcoma even though lymphocyte count is not
elevated. I've decided against exploratory surgery since both I and
the vet feel the prognosis is not good, and will try her on a course
of prednisone.

I would appreciate other opinions on this, particularly the diagnosis
and if it could be something else; thank you.