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From: NCF
Date: 2001-05-25 15:37:00 UTC
Subject: Vaginal Tumor?

I have a 4 yr old late-altered female albino here that has some sort of
mass in her vagina. The outside wall of the mass is very visible.

It's approx 2 cm in diameter, almost round, hard and has an almost
smooth texture to it. It reminds me of a very large marble.

Other than the mass she is active and eating and so far the mass hasn't
blocked the urinary tract and I am keeping a close eye on that. It also
seems to be growing at a fairly rapid pace.

The vet isn't all that experienced with ferrets but feels that this mass
is a tumor and not an abcess of some sort. He also seems to think it's
most likely inoperable given the size and location and vaginal and
vulvular involvement. I told him I would post this to the list and he
welcomes any feedback the vets here can give us.

I can take some pictures of the area as it appears externally if it
would help reach some sort of conclusion. It's really gross in
appearance despite the fact the only part visible is the outside edge.
The rest of the mass is internal.

We have her on Clavamox in the interim until we decide if euthanasia is
the kindest route to go.
Bev Fox
Foxglove Ferrets