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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-25 18:17:00 UTC
Subject: Emma

Emma was spayed today. It was a pretty cool
surgery to watch, though much simpler than most.
The incision is less than 1" and she has 3 (I
think) stitches. I held her as she woke up and
got her settled in a hospital cage where she
stayed for a few hours. Went and picked her up a
couple of hours ago. She is sacked out in her
single level cage, where she'll stay for a couple
a days. Once she gets her strength back and can
climb well, I'll move her back with Da Boyz.

I didn't see Doc when I picked her up since he
would have just told me how the surgery went. I
forgot to ask him how long it would take for her
vulva to go back to normal size. Does anyone

Picked up a B-12 injection for Champ as I think
he's about to go on another hunger strike.