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Date: 2001-05-25 20:59:00 UTC
Subject: Bruiser made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Thank you so much for your prayers and Good wishes!
Dr Williams....
You will have your new "Poster Boy" soon,as WONDER Surgeon,Dr Darryl
Kraft,made a computer disk of the WHOLE operation....
Plus we have a HUGE tumor for you to play with! (YUCK,You will LOVE
it,HA! It looks similar to a walnut) Thanks to everyone,we have one very
ALIVE boy!
His operation lasted 1 1/2 hrs-they literally peeled his face apart,even
dislocating his ear,temporarily.
Then removed a ping pong ball size tumor, all that was there..(I know
there may be cells remaining) then cyro-d the
base.Then they surgically micro/attached things...and Bruiser-instein
appeared.He had a tumor so large that he no longer looked like a
ferret,but a cobra snake,on one side. Keep in mind,we had this debulked
twice since it started 5 months ago.This time we "went for it" and
aggressively went after it...the same way it was attacking my poor boy.I
very proudly have a very alive ferret who may look like frankensteins
monster,but he looks also like a ferret,once again!
The cyro may have slightly touched the facial nerve,and may cause some
problem with his blinking response but we have a triple antibiotic eye
ointment for that.He is also taking Baytril drops 0.2 ml twice per
day,Torbutrol tabs,1/4th pill-of a 5 mg pill-every 12 hrs,and we are
weaning him OFF his pred as it obviously had not done him any
good.(maybe now,we'll see if his months laetryl changed anything)
I'm tellin' ya...ANYONE with a ferret or ANY animal who lives even
remotely NEAR Woodinville, Wa. you would be ever so lucky to have this
compassionate,VERY skillful,brilliant diagnostic surgeon to call on.I
think he even surprised himself with this one! lol
So,as Bruiser-instein relaxes in his bathroom cage,mommy is finally
going to breath again......and it feels sooooo good!
Lots of Love & Prayers to ALL sick or ailing fuzzies...
You my cyber-friends, showed me,the Power of prayer......Thank You
With Love to all,
Tara & Bruiser
ps..He had Hills feline AD syringed at Dr Krafts office,this morning and
ate it with zest (usually spits it at me!) but upon arrival home,he was
spoon fed a full jar of Gerbers baby chicken and was looking for more!!!
That's MY boy!!!! ;) (wink)