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From: Jen H
Date: 2001-02-18 05:31:00 UTC
Subject: Learned something new from this list already!!

Mike J -

I never knew you were in your 50s :) Just kidding!

Thanks to Christopher for setting up a new group! With the situation
on the FML, a new more positive setting is so very, very welcome!

A bit about me... I am Jen Hudson, notoriously known for being
involved with the KiSta Ferret Shelter. I currently have 10 personal
ferrets in my home ranging in age from baby Pooh Bear (my beautiful
little boy born to the stray Teresa last summer at KiSta) who is 6
months old the 23rd of this month to my old guy Moe who is 9 if not
older. There is also a 17 week old kit here that I recently pulled
out a local Petco, but she will be going to KiSta for adoption.

I am sad to say we have quite a few of the ferret ailments many of us
know only too well in our home including 2 adrenals (post-op Peanut 3
years and post-op Alice about 5 years), 1 insulinoma (post-op Jack)
who had a weird biopsy of nonactive cell mutations indicating probable
pancreatic cancer will/is developing), 1 enlarged heart (Moe) and a
rather unusual case of cancer in Barney who has tiny tumors near the
skin in various areas of his body. Barney is not operable, but he is
happy and still active. We've also experieced the joys of having two
whole, scented ferrets here (both of which are now neutered/spayed).
They are the beautiful mom Teresa who came to live with us as well as
her baby boy Pooh Bear. Teresa is now about 4 years old and was
spayed in November. Pooh Bear lost his unmentionables just last week
after going from my cute little cuddle buddy to a horrible stink

Anyway, I am rambling.... I look forward to getting to know everyone
on what hopefully will be a slighter smaller, much closer knit group!

Hugs to all,