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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-25 23:54:00 UTC
Subject: Sometimes someone who claims to be me isn't me

I hate having to bring this up, but since someone on the FHL got an
inappropriate letter about Ferret Health Policy (untrue "policy",
BTW) from someone claiming to be me I have no real choice, and a
fellow moderator has requested that I say something.

There is someone out there who on and off pretends to be a fantasy
version of me. This has happened now and then through the years, as
those who have been on some lists for a while know. From the bits I
have heard second-hand of the fantasy it would be quite a wonderful
life, but it's not reality anymore than the person is me. The person
has used private mails and has been on at least one list of which I
was not a member (that time for a few months from what I was told).

Usually the individual has been kind, but an FHL member last month
got a mail I just heard about which was incorrect, false, nasty, and
could be hurtful to the Ferret Health List.

I suspect it's one person, though I guess it is possible that it
could be that someone else did a copycat at some point.

Anyway, if you have recently gotten any unpleasant mails from someone
claiming to be me and you have them could you, PLEASE, send them to
me, complete with the headers at my address that I use for almost all
mail (except that I cross-post under a mac address):
sukiecrandall@t...? I'd really appreciate that.