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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-05-25 23:02:00 UTC
Subject: Zeus update; what are normal temps?

I wrote Monday about Zeus going to the vet because he had lost so much
weight. He got to come home today. I'm sub-q'ing him myself 100 ml a day.
He's on Clavamox, pred for 5 days, and using nutri-cal. He's still very
pale - pale gums, ears, paws. He is looking and doing better, but still not
near normal. He's quick to react (like when I took his temperature), but is
dragging his hind end. He's using a heating pad. I read some posts in the
archives about some possible dangers with heating pads, so I have his set on
"low" with a blanket wrapped around it.

I took Zeus' temp after he'd been off the heating pad about 15 min to ensure
an accurate reading when his body wasn't so warm - it was 96.8. I found the
normal temperatures on ferret central are: 100-103 F. If his temp is low
like that, what does that mean? When he was at the hospital all week, his
temp went up too high sometimes, down too low sometimes, and was normal in

My vet thinks he's in kidney failure. Zeus goes back Tuesday for another
blood test.

Susan D.

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