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From: The Divide Homeowners Assoc.
Date: 2001-05-26 02:04:00 UTC
Subject: Oliver, Please Help!!

You might remember my questions/post from several weeks
ago. My rescue Oliver (age 5?) had adrenal surgery 1-1
1/2 years ago. Was doing great until 2 1/2 months ago.
It started with Oliver not being able to pee, would
attempt it but no success. Treated with cepha drops.
Week later was able to pee and poop but small in size.
Then Oliver was put on baytril (thinking his prostate
might be the problem due to adrenal) and then diagnosed
with a kidney and anemia problem. On IV for 3+ days to
flush kidneys. Blood tested before going home and
values were better but still elevated. Since then,
Oliver has had depolutron 1x per month (next one due
6/6), epogen every 3 days for the first 2 weeks and
then 2x weekly, baytril 2x daily, zantac 2x daily,
prenisone .3 1x daily and metamucil 1/8 teaspoon
daily. Let me also note that he is being syring feed
which is made up of a/d, a wet and dry cat modifed food
for chronic kidney problems. He loves the mixture so he
is not being forced feed and actually think he will not
go back to his kibble since it is such a treat to be
held by mom and dad to be feed daily. 3 weeks ago he
had another bout with attemtpting to pee but unable to
do so after eliminating the baytril for 2 days prior to
problem. He was expressed (?, cannot remember the term)
basically they pushed on his eureatha to relieve him.
Ultra sound showed enlarged prostate but no masses.
Oliver was put back on baytril and blood test showed no
anemia, regular bun, but creatine still elevated, then
also put on flutimide to reduce prostate size. Sorry
it took so long to get to this point but now my current
problem. Oliver again this morning was unable to pee
and rushed him into vets, keep in mind my regular vet
is off until tuesday. They (do not know the term) put a
needle into his bladder and withdrew 90% of the urine.
Sending the urine off to have a culture test done to
determine what kind on antibiotic to put him on, maybe
the baytril is not working or not the stuff to be on?
Put him on gas and pushed and flushed his uretha of the
slugg and chunks to finally get clear fluid. Inhouse
urine test showed white and red blood cells as well as
bacteria and sluff of bladder and prostate. Blood test
showed normal protein, bun and creatine but slightly
dehydrated. We now have him home and changed the
baytril to cepha drops 2x daily and sub-q now and
tommorrow morning then once a day. He has urinated with
blood, was told not to freak, frequently and pooped. I
am suppose to "eagle watch" him to make sure he is
urinating etc. Is there anything else to do, i am so
confused because I feed him this am and he was chirping
and playing with my other 5 ferrets and speakers and
then this problem. Sorry it was so long but wanted to
be accurate, thanks for advice. Deidre
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