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From: 1BigDog - Rick
Date: 2001-05-26 14:13:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Grizzly (Griz)

I am sorry to report that Griz had to be put down during his
operation. We finally found a vet and after performing a exam on
Griz was able to adjust her schedule to perform an operation on him.
At first, he was thought to have Adrenal Gland disease but during the
operation he was also found to have Lymphosarcoma. His body was full
of small tumors, his spleen was enlarged to almost 7 inches and
weighed approx. 8 oz. The poor guy fought hard and was playful till
the end even though he endured about 3 lbs of weight loss and loss of
most of his hair.
We miss him already.........
The only good thing that did come out of this was to find a Vet in
the Charleston, South Carolina area who is a "ferret" doctor. She has
gained my confidence through talking with her and her actions. I
would also like to thank this group. Reading through the listings
and messages, I learned a great amount about the problem Griz had and
was able to determine that the vet new what she was talking about. A
special thanks to "Christopher" for his assistance in trying to help
us find a vet.

Please add out new vet to your list if possible:
Virginia G. Brown D.V.M.
Goose Creek Veterinary Clinic
501 Redbank Road
Goose Creek, South Carolina 29445
(843) 553-7011

Thanks again - Rick