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Date: 2001-05-26 12:09:00 UTC
Subject: Mable's Jaw and possible tumors

Hello everyone. I just signed up for this list and am really
glad to be a
part of it. A very good friend suggested that I join. We
have 15 ferrets at
the moment and have had them for 8 years.

One of my rescue ferrets, Mable, who is 6 yrs. old has
developed a small
tumor under her right lower jaw in the soft part and now has
another right on
her lower jaw. My vet examined her briefly and he had hoped
it was an
absess. He had tried to look in her mouth but Mable used to
be a bad biter
and she would have no part of it. He put her on Clavamox in
hopes that it
was an infection and would go away. It hasn't. She is in no
pain and it
doesn't hurt her to touch them. She eats and acts just like
she always has.
Because they haven't gone away, she is scheduled for surgery
on Wed., May 30,
to see what they are.

I would appreciate any ideas that anyone might have if they
have experienced
this before. Mable is very precious to me, as are all of them
and I am very
concerned about this whole thing.

Thank you so much for any thoughts anyone might have.

Pat and the zoo