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From: Debra Thomason
Date: 2001-05-27 00:07:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Zeus update; what are normal temps?

One thing to watch for with low temps is low blood sugar. I once had a
ferret with insulinoma that had problems keeping her temperature up. She
got a chill after a bath once that (despite very warm water and thorough,
heated drying) precipitated a hypoglycemic seizure. The lower her temp was,
the worse her hypoglycemia, and the worse the hypoglycemia, the lower her
temp. It was important to treat for both whenever one symptom appeared. I
was told that low body temp depresses the liver functions that help keep
blood glucose levels up, and low blood glucose causes body temp to drop... a
vicious circle of sorts. And also with insulinoma there can be nausea or
lethargy that saps the ferret's interest in food with inappetance being
something you don't want to see with hypoglycemia. Just a couple of
thoughts for you.

Debra in Fort Worth

P.S.-- When I used to use a heating pad, I put the ferret on top of a folded
towel in a carrier, covered the ferret, put the heating pad under the
carrier, and laid beside it with a hand inside to help monitor the
temperature too.