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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2001-05-27 01:30:00 UTC
Subject: Lawn chemicals?? Re: Re: Dandelions & Ferrets -- semi on

PS if the moderator(s) wants to paraphrase this to a couple of sentences it
won't hurt my feelings.

What are the ramifications of ferrets on treated lawns and half life. OR,
OOPS! what happens if my ferret just played on a treated lawn will a shampoo
wash do and monitor OR rinse and run to vet and sit in lobby monitoring (
and scream bloody murder at the first twitch ;) )

Spring time is bad in past decades because of stuff applied to lawns an
example that vets in the past have seen and recognised is nurological damage
in baby birds that have fallen from nests that kids bring in to vets offices
some live and recover and it was/is related to chemicals on lawns. AS FAR AS
I KNOW to my current knowledge which may be dated but I believe is still
suported cause I see lawns with little wire flags on the lawn and I don't
think it is from a wireless electronic dog fence. Back to my point, lawn
chemicals and time released pellets etc I don't hear about people writing on
web sites or email of poisioning <sp> (unless I am missing them) and ferrets
from ferrets walking on lawns and maybe some ferrets eating licking exposed
plants. (Dandelions [edible] and others excluded for non-poisionious

Some time ago I quit taking my ferrets to play on the golf grass lawns when
I thought about it. And when my wife put down grass growth and weed killer
spreader time released (time released i assume the nitrogen) and (weed kill
I assume {which may make an a** of my self so I make an educated guess) is
not time released as in months but rather a week or less days then into the
groung under rain exposure from a downpoor and not just sprinklers.).

Please feel free to comment. Where is safe and where is being to extreme in
this regards. Is absorbition through the skin less cause of no sweat
glands/poors, minimal exposure sheds from the fur or do you just make a note
of the time of the year, though spring is so much fun or just talk to your
neighbors to tell you when they have put out fertalizer weed killer. And
possible spot treatment methods for weeds a citizen might use.

If someone else asked this question I'm embarased I've been busy and spot
read sometimes. Someone else raise your hand and get the attention THEN ON
THE OTHER HAND sometimes the only stupid question is the one you didn't know
to ask.

Bruce and the gang
I'm still working on the site I'll open my mouth
ocasionally about it as a work still with years to go but I work on it

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