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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2001-05-27 02:06:00 UTC
Subject: Lupron is the following information correct

I wish to verify the following learning on Lupron is correct since I do not
have direct hands on experience.

Lupron that you give is that 4 month dose? (some forum I was reading nags in
the back of my head, that I didn't write down notes, and there is some drug
that has preferences for shorter term duration than using the longest
sustained release first.). (If someone can recall I'd appreciate it.)

At the cost of $50. (This lasts 5 or 6 months and in some ferrets 7 months.)

Is that 2000/mcg (2 milligrams or mg). Is this broken down into ferret size
doses or is this a human size just decreased {Now>>>} and is it freezable of
storable in a frige after mixing? The reason I ask is that from the latest
information I have read/gathered it is not storable. [No study has been
done.]. (For those wondering it comes in 2 vials a liquid and a powder, then
combined (correct?).).

Thank you in advance,
Bruce and the gang

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