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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-05-27 08:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Lupron is the following information correct

There are numerous variations of Lupron. There's one that is not
time release and only lasts one day and is not even worth discussing
for use in ferrets. Who would want to have to run to the vet every
day for an injection.

Then there's the time released (called a depot) versions of one-
month, three-month and four-month. Lots of us wish the four-month
was only $50! Prices vary of course, and Troy Lynn was/is working
with a pharmacy to get ferret sized doses of the four-month for less
than $100, but for now, 2000mcg of the four-month depot is typically
much more than that. I believe the pharmacy that Dr. Weiss mentions
in one of his articles charges around $200 for a single, 2000mcg dose
of the four-month Lupron.

I can't say which version is preferable. Pricing may be a factor but
the convenience of not having to run to the vet once a month also
comes into the picture. I pay a grand total of $28 for an injection
of one-month Lupron. So four months worth ($112) is cheaper than any
price I've seen so far for the four-month Lupron. And like the four-
month, I could probably stretch it out to a period somewhat longer
than a month, though I don't.

I don't know what a human-sized dose is. I suppose that just like
with ferrets, that would depend on a number of factors. 2000mcg is
what Dr. Weiss recommends for the four-month depot, and this probably
insures every ferret will respond, but one can often relieve the
symptoms with much less. He also recommends 500mcg if using the one-
month, but my vet's standard, starting dosage is 150mcg and it's
enough for the great majority of ferrets. Using that low dosage as a
guideline, it seems likely that 500-600mcg of the four-month might
work in many cases. So, if you had four ferrets that got lupron, one
could divide the single, $200 2000mcg dose into four doses and it
would indeed work out to $50 each.

A couple years back when Lupron first began to be used in ferrets
there was much discussion over the storage and it was said that once
mixed, it must be stored in liquid nitrogen. I think for long term
storage, that is true, but a regular freezer seems to work well for
short term storage (+/- one month). That's how my vet stores it
after mixing and I don't believe they have any problems with it
becoming ineffective. But they see a lot of ferrets and it probably
doesn't stay around for long. Exactly how long is something I don't
know but I'll ask on my next visit (I just went yesterday!).

That's my take on the subject.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Bruce Gaylord" <Latitude38@h...>
> I wish to verify the following learning on Lupron is correct since
I do not
> have direct hands on experience.
> Lupron that you give is that 4 month dose? (some forum I was
reading nags in
> the back of my head, that I didn't write down notes, and there is
some drug
> that has preferences for shorter term duration than using the
> sustained release first.). (If someone can recall I'd appreciate
> At the cost of $50. (This lasts 5 or 6 months and in some ferrets 7
> Is that 2000/mcg (2 milligrams or mg). Is this broken down into
ferret size
> doses or is this a human size just decreased {Now>>>} and is it
freezable of
> storable in a frige after mixing? The reason I ask is that from the
> information I have read/gathered it is not storable. [No study has
> done.]. (For those wondering it comes in 2 vials a liquid and a
powder, then
> combined (correct?).).
> Thank you in advance,
> Bruce and the gang
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