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Date: 2001-05-27 06:21:00 UTC
Subject: Bandit's Bloodwork-third post

Hi Dr Williams,

Thanks for responding to my posts regarding Bandit and for that matter
everyone who responded with their advice.

Dr. Williams here is Bandit's blood results, please let me know if anything
looks suspicious to you.

Hematocrit- 55.
(manual PCV)

WBC- 6.2

Aboslute Polys- 4774 - 77%
Absolute Bands- 310 - 5%
Absolute Lymphs- 1116 - 18%
Absolute Monos- 0 - 0%
Absolute Eos -0 -0%
Absolute Basos- 0 -0%

Glucose - 91
Urea Nitrogen- 15
Creatinine - 0.5
Total Protein - 6.3
Albumin - 3.3
Bilirubin, Total - 0.2
Alkaline Phosphatase - 3 (Low)
ALT (SGPT) - 83
AST (SGOT) -70
Cholesterol - 135
Calcium - 8.8
Phosphorous - 4.1 (Low)
Sodium - 146
Potassium - 4.6
Chloride -110
Globulin - 3.0

Just a brief re-cap on Bandit's health history- 51/2 yr. old male who's had
both adrenal glands removed approx. a little over a year ago. The left
adrenal was surgically removed and the right was froze with cryosurgery. A
few months agos we brought home a new kit and shortly after Bandit became ill
with symptoms of ECE. First night he had the upheaves with occasional clear
fluid coming out. That stopped the second night and he started having green
and yellow slimy poops. I treated him with flagyl and antibiotics and
pepto-well as noted in the archives it's simply an impossible treatment to
follow (for me and Bandit). I had much better results with the pred. at the
time Bandit's sugar was slightly low and I was told the pred would boost his
appetite and help with the inflammation of the intestines caused by ECE.
Bandit was only eating babyfood and would not eat his kibble, in addition to
the bland diet we gave him carafate for his questionable ulcer.


>Till this day Bandit's poops are seedy and off color and his urine is very
dilute and he goes in large quantities.
>He has been off the pred now for about a month so I can't attribute it to

>The latest with Bandit is constant trembling when he wakes up and breaths
heavy only when he sleeps (could be as snore)

>he is itchy but it seems like a seasonal shed-his fur is soft and shiny.

>Bandit dribbles alot after urination-he's always wet over there and I know
when he's gone to the bathroom-what's that all about?

>Oh I should mention once again that I found blood and mucous in his stools
twice-but bright red specks but since then I have not seen blood. But I
occassionally see mucous and I don't think it's the same as the undigested
seeds of food in his stool.

Please let me know what you think about the bloodwork and suggestions for
treatment and tests to have my vet run??

Thanks so much
(I know I always give you a handful probably more so then anyone else here)
It's just so hard to know what to do and what's going on with these critters-
I am not working with very good ferret vets.