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Date: 2001-05-27 10:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Lawn chemicals (oops)

Hi Bruce and all :)

as i stated earlier ... the spray on (from Spectricide - only one i have
checked with) is benign after it dries. i had a cat eat grass after i had
sprayed earlier in the day.. i was frantic, but the vet on call told me that
once it is dry it has sunk in to the plant's cells and will not hurt the cat,
as grass passes through rather quickly. i would assume it would have to be
wet to harm critters. as for the baby birds ... that is from the overspray
and folks not being careful and spraying on windy days. i have neighbors
like that :p

I am not sure of other brands, but assume they are about the same.

as for the dry/spreader weed killer with fertilizer... i would wait until
after a good rain or well watered and no granules showing before letting a
ferret out in it. some of the fertilizers have very small granules and will
stay on the grass/weeds longer. and it matters what time of day you do it
also. if you do it early in the am with the dew on or after a rain/watering
it will be on the upper parts of the grass and weeds. if in the afternoon
and the grass is dry, it will fall to the ground more easily and will not
kill the weeds as well if at all. it needs moisture to kill the weeds.

If in doubt, call the manufacturer.

kathy. and Bianca
Master Gardner with the University Extension Center