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From: Maryi Mauney
Date: 2001-05-27 14:35:00 UTC
Subject: possible broken toe

I just had my first experience in hearing a fuzzy scream.
That is the most unnerving sound I have ever heard. Anyway,
Nozy managed to make her way under our couch and we were
tilting it forward to get underneath and that's when I heard
it. I am not sure what happened but, she peepee'd on herself
so I know it hurt.
She was walking fine and calm. Yet her little toe is swollen.
And she has a little red spot in between her toes. Is this
something I need to take her to the vet for or is there
anything they can do for it? She can't bend it either. Or is
this something that will heal itself with time and care?

Thank you .

Maryi, Streaker, & Nozy (she is definately living up to her
name ) :-)