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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-27 15:15:00 UTC
Subject: Soup

Champ (renal failure) is still being a picky eater
with his soup, despite a B-12 injection on
Friday. Here's what I think the problem is....any

My ferret soup consists of ground dry K/D,
Pedialyte, Ensure, canned K/D, and canola oil. It
comes out the consistency and texture of soupy
grits (for we southerners). When I used regular
kibble and A/D, it came out very smooth, not
"gritty" at all. I think he doesn't like the
texture of it. I have noticed that the K/D combo
is much drier than the other and add another 4 oz.
of Pedialyte to compensate. The "new" soup is
also much messier as these little lumps seem to go
everywhere when he's eating it. I also add some
whipping cream to each serving but it's still

Can anyone think of anything I can add/do to make
it smoother? I have been grinding it to death to
try to make is as fine as possible, to no avail.