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Date: 2001-05-27 16:29:00 UTC
Subject: spindle cell sarcoma

Hi, I've just joined the group. I have 2 ferrets , 1 of which has had

three tumours removed over the last five months. Each one has come
back from histology as an 'undifferentiatd spindle cell sarcoma'. As
I have already mentioned he has had three removed - from different
sites at different times. The labs think they are unrelated, but I
think there must be some relation between them. All three lumps seem
to have appeared in an area that he scalded about 7months ago ( his
back and one of his hind legs) There is some obvious superficial scar
tissue in this area although the labs didn't see any sign of previous
inflammation. I wonder if anyone has any ideas on any topical
solutions to treat the skin with or any other suggestions at all as
he has already had quite a few anaesthetics (He is only 2 years old)